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On this website, you find information on the artist Carrry Hauser we have assembled in the context of the publication on a book on the artist. The purpose of this site is to document the life and the work of the artist and give quick and easy access about the artist to different institutions, museums, collections and the interested public. We can also provide original works for loan for museum exhibitons and provide catalogues and information about the artist for scientific research purposes.

In our gallery in Vienna, we offer oil paintings, drawings and woodcuts by Carry Hauser. If you are interested in purchasing as well as selling works by the artist, please feel free to get in touch with us by e-mail (office@kunsthandelwidder.com), on the telephone (0043 1 / 512 45 69 oder 0043 676 / 629 81 21) or come and visit us at our gallery. Furthermore, we provide an advisory service on the authenticity, value of and general information on works of the artist. This service is accessible for public institutions, art dealers, auction houses, and private collectors.




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